Welcome to Trikalini Paradosi!

Authentic Greek country style pies filled with the purest ingredients, made by traditional handmade fillo pastry, come at a great variety and they’ ll become your new tasty habit!

What would you think about delicious pies, just like grandmas’, without any labor, totally easy, totally fast and most of all, totally home feeling? “Trikalini Paradosi” makes your wish come true and the most traditional and famous food of the countryside of Greece is now available for all of you, with the ready for baking country style pies of “Trikalini Paradosi”!

"Trikalini Paradosi”, a food company producing frozen dough products, revives the original recipes of Thessaly, the turning of Greece and creates, under ideal hygiene and safety conditions, handmade pies and mini pies that become, as soon as they get baked, an authentic tasty pleasure that smells and most of all, tastes just like home!

The company is located at Thessaly, the so – called “heart of Greece”, a region that is famous for its local products and delicacies. Situated at Megalohori, a small village a few kilometers away of the city of Trikala, a beautiful place near the famous Meteora, “Trikalalini Paradosi” has achieved to combine the classic with the modern, the past with the present and future, as it is situated at a totally green and eco –friendly environment and at the same time, its facilities are absolutely modern and certified to the top and highest quality standards that make its qualified stuff to be proud to work under these excellent conditions.

Trust “Trikalini Paradosi”!
This is a family industry that guarantees the most important: pure ingredients with no preservatives! Excellent quality and the finest raw materials that have grown at the land of the village, that have been produced by local breeders and farmers.
The pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” come from the heart of Greece and they will become your new tasty habit!
Frozen dough products have never been more delicious and healthy before!